Deux Souliers AW 15-16 Collection

Spot where we present the new collection autum winter fashion brand Deux Souliers.

Here's one shoe.
Here's another shoe.
Two shoes. Deux Soulier.
How does such a number function?
The perfect shoe in a space with no boundaries.
This is how they walk.
Two shoes. Deux Soulier.
Walk on.

Curated by BFFF Fashion Films in Eye Candy 2.0.

Produced by Press Rec, Model: Silvia Arlo, Músic: Pedro Vian Creative Direction: Ch.Martinez, Direction: Ch.Martínez, Production: Ane Guerra, Director of Photography: Manuel Ruiz Mz, 1st Assistant Camera: David Vilalta, Edition: David Vilalta, Graphic Design: Albert Romagosa, Script: Ane Guerra, Styling: Pau Soto & Nunu Solsona, Styling Assistant: Sergio SV, Make Up & Hairdresser: Claudia Cots, Still photography: Marc Torrent, Special Thanks: Angel Cabezuelo, Andoni Beristain, Nuria Guardia, Iamsoto, Colmillo de Morsa, Cortana, Hunch, Southem Sun, White Line.